Unique Traditions

Unique Traditions

Cedar Tree enjoys many annual traditions that are unique to our school.  Some examples include:

Reformation Day – Every October we celebrate the October 1517 beginning of the Protestant Reformation by inviting students to dress up in costumes of great Christians from the past.  Upper School students lead the younger students in creative “carnival” activities to reinforce our Reformation heritage.

Christmas & Spring Programs – All students perform at an evening program twice a year, providing an excellent opportunity to invite friends and extended family to share in their joys of classroom and music learning.

Debate – Every May our Logic 2 (8th grade) students square off in a formal debate, a culmination of their studies in formal logic for the school year.

Speech Competition-All first grade through twelfth grade students participate in our annual speech competition. The top scoring high school student has the honor of representing Cedar Tree at the regional Poetry Out Loud final.

TeenPact – Logic 2 students have the opportunity to attend the state-wide TeenPact Leadership School held in Olympia.

Grandparents Day – Every year we invite all grandparents as our honored guests to spend a special morning at school: visiting classrooms, enjoying class presentations, photo opportunities, and a lunch.

Senior Thesis Presentations – All of our seniors complete a culminating project on a topic they have chosen.  In a highly anticipated evening, each student is allotted a brief time to summarize the conclusions of their research and to defend it with questions from the floor.

Emperors Day – Each June our Grammar grades have a Latin competition, and each grade’s winner receives the honor of getting to don the white toga for the day, as everyone enjoys a Roman feast of reclining with finger foods.

Washington DC Trip – During an activity packed week in June, Rhetoric 3 (11th grade) students tour our nation’s capital in support of their Rhetoric level studies of American History.

Mexico Service Trip – Every other Spring Break, our Rhetoric students have the opportunity to go on a Service Trip to Mexico.