Four Steps to Apply

Four Steps to Apply

Thank you for your interest in Cedar Tree and in classical Christian education. We are a community committed to providing a nurturing and challenging educational environment for your children and your family. Our teachers seek to cultivate students by encouraging academic and spiritual development in every activity. Our integrated curriculum is richly influenced by the classical tradition of learning.

Step 1: Visit campus
We encourage interested families to schedule a campus visit in order to benefit from a firsthand view of classical Christian education in the classroom.

Step 2: Submit Registration Packet
After we receive your completed application forms and (non-refundable) registration fee, we will schedule a family interview and student assessment (often this can be done on the same visit).

Step 3: Family Interview
The headmaster conducts the family interview with you personally so that we can get to know one another better and help ensure that Cedar Tree and classical Christian education are a good fit for your family. Please read through the Parent Student Handbook and bring any questions you might have.

Step 4: Student Assessment
All prospective students are assessed in various skill areas (particularly reading, math, and writing) so that we can place them in the grade level where they will be most successful at Cedar Tree.

After all these steps are completed, we will let you know your status (whether your application is accepted, denied or your child is placed on the waiting list) and the grade level placement we recommend. It usually takes at least a week for us to process an application.

We look forward to helping you explore what Cedar Tree can offer your family. Along the way, please feel free to contact us (360-887-0190 or if you have any questions.