Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate

Cedar Tree exists to provide an excellent, classical Christian education that cultivates minds and nurtures hearts for effective, Christ-centered living.

 We aim to graduate young men and women whose minds are cultivated for effective, Christ-centered living.  This will be demonstrated as they:

  • Possess a mastery of core academic knowledge
  • Employ logical reasoning to form and defend valid conclusions, recognizing invalid reasoning and false assumptions
  • Display an informed appreciation for Western Civilization’s rich heritage
  • Speak and write persuasively and articulately
  • Employ the lifelong disciplines of self learning and critical thinking
  • Evaluate their experiences by the light of Scripture
  • Demonstrate godly discernment in every life situation
  • Defend their faith with grace and confidence

We aim to graduate young men and women whose hearts are nurtured for effective, Christ-centered living.  This will be demonstrated as they:

  • Practice grace, respect, and humility in all relationships, seeking to encourage others and to promote peace
  • Approach difficult tasks with diligence, persistence, and joy
  • Consistently display a love for what is true, good, and beautiful
  • Pursue God-glorifying excellence in their calling according to the gifts he has entrusted to them
  • Know and love the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that is reflected in every area of their lives
  • Submit to and actively participate in a local, Bible-teaching congregation
  • Courageously and graciously communicate a biblical perspective to the cultural issues of their day