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Life After Cedar Tree?


Every January we ask Cedar Tree alumni to campus to speak to Cedar Tree Upper School students about their experience at Cedar Tree and college and answer the question “Is there life after Cedar Tree?”

Responding to questions asked annually to alumni, Ian Jones (2012) answered, “Cedar Tree taught us how to learn. Many people don’t know how to do that in college.” His brother Zac (2012) added, “I’m grateful that the senior worldview class taught us how to think critically.”

Many of the alumni agreed that one of the most important “lessons” they learned at Cedar Tree was the standard for what a solid, caring Christian community looks like. This helped them find similar communities in college, even on a secular campus.

Amanda Josberger (2017) explained that Cedar Tree made her very well rounded as an engineering student at LeTourneau University. “They taught me to read and write as well as how to approach math and science.”

Andrew Morgan (2015), who now attends Biola University, paid tribute to Mrs. Meadowcroft for requiring her students to memorize dates. He stressed the importance of having them going into college in order to know when important events happened. He also stressed the importance of staying focused in class, especially in worldview discussions.

Jared Unger (2016) also commented on Mrs. Meadowcroft’s teaching. He said that time management is very important as a college student because you have so much of it.

We are grateful for our alumni and the time they took to return to campus and reminisce about life at Cedar Tree. They gave our high school students a taste of what college is like and encouraged them to take advantage of their education as well as be proactive in their college search.

Parents can hear from alumni at our Parent Meeting at 7:00pm on Thursday, February 1.
— This article was prepared by students in CT’s Publications class