Sept 7 – Meet-the-Teacher Day & Picnic

4:00-5:00 Open House

Classrooms will be open so that students can bring in (or pick up , if you ordered them) school supplies, receive desk assignments, and also to meet their teachers and fellow students.

5:30-6:30 Shared Dish Dinner

Main dish, plates, utensils, and water will be provided. Families with last names beginning with A-G are asked to bring a salad/side dish to share, and H-Z families please bring a dessert to share.  Please bring enough for at least two families your size.  It’s a great, informal time to get to know other families in the school.  Note: As there will be no access to the school kitchen, please bring your food ready to servein your own serving dish and include the needed serving utensils. You will need to bring your own cooler if refrigeration is needed. We will begin serving dinner at 5:30pm and your empty dishes will be waiting on the table for you to take home.