Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In order to allow more students to profit from a classical Christian education and enjoy the benefits of being part of the Cedar Tree community, we offer a Standard Diploma in addition to our Honors Diploma. Following the model established by other classical Christian schools, this option provides a path for students whose families determine, with input from teachers and administration, that it is the best fit for their students.  The Standard Diploma also offers flexibility to students newly entering Cedar Tree at the rhetoric level with less background than their classmates.

Integrated Humanities I (4) Integrated Humanities II (4) Integrated Humanities III (4) American History/Govt (2)
Rhetoric I (1) Rhetoric II (1) Rhetoric III (2) Rhetoric IV (2)
Art History I (0.5) Art History II (0.5) Worldview Lit Analysis* (2)
Geometry (2) Algebra II (2) Advanced
Mathematics (2)
Calculus* (2)
Physical Science (2) Biology (2) Chemistry* (2) Physics* (2)
Spanish I (2) Spanish II (2) Spanish III* (2) NT Greek* (2)
Art (0.5) Art (0.5) Art (0.5) Art (0.5)
Music (0.5) Music (0.5) Music (0.5) Music (0.5)
Heath & Fitness (1) Heath & Fitness (1) Heath & Fitness (1) Heath & Fitness (1)
Computer Software (0.5) Computer Software (0.5) Newspaper/
Yearbook (0.5)
Yearbook (0.5)

( ) = Number of semester credits possible

* = Pass/Fail option for Standard Diploma students

Students must attend full time.

General Requirements: All students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (on a four-point scale) of at least 2.0. All students must successfully complete these courses: American History & Government; 4 semester credits of Health & Fitness, or approved PE waivers; 2 semester credits of Occupational Education (Computer Software and Newspaper/Yearbook); Washington State History (typically taken in 8th Grade). Additionally, all students must successfully complete a total of at least 6 semester credits of Science; 6 semester credits of Math; 4 semester credits of Foreign Language; 14 semester credits of Humanities (including Rhetoric and Art History); 4 semester credits of Arts (Music and Art).

Honors Diploma: In order to graduate with Cedar Tree’s Honors Diploma, students must earn at least 53 semester credits. Students entering Cedar Tree at any level of high school must pass a Latin proficiency test in order to earn the Honors Diploma.

Standard Diploma: In order to graduate with Cedar Tree’s Standard Diploma, students must earn at least 46 semester credits. Juniors and seniors in the Standard Diploma program will have reduced written thesis requirements as part of their R3 and R4 Rhetoric courses and may take the following courses as Pass/Fail:  Spanish III (R3), Chemistry (R3), NT Greek (R4), Physics (R4), Calculus (R4), Worldview Lit Analysis (R4).  Juniors may choose not to enroll in one of the courses listed here and seniors may choose not to enroll in two of the courses listed here, allowing for monitored independent study.

Community Service: As a graduation requirement, every high school student must complete a minimum of 25 hours per year of approved Community Service.