Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian Education

To be “Classical” means we teach according to methods that have been proven for centuries; methods that have trained the great men and women of our history (See The Lost Tools of Learning). This involves teaching according to the natural developmental stages of children, divided into Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. In the Grammar stage they learn the facts and rules of their subjects. The Logic stage emphasizes evaluating and using knowledge in a good and logical way. Rhetoric finishes the stages of the Trivium with training in how to convey effectively, both verbally and in writing, the students’ acquired knowledge and logical thinking.  With emphasis on fact memorization, logical analysis, and persuasive presentations appropriate to each grade level, the students have full opportunity to excel academically. In order to promote eloquent scholarship, Cedar Tree students are trained in making public presentations beginning in Kindergarten. Featuring a strong writing program supported by a feast of literary classics, Cedar Tree exposes students to the arts through music, literature, and drama. The curriculum also includes the study of Latin, which is proven to increase the understanding of many languages and improve SAT scores. Classical Christian education produces gracefully persuasive leaders with impressive academic skills, thoroughly prepared for success in college and life.

“Christian” indicates that we teach all subjects from a Christian worldview, with the Bible as our supreme authority and the knowledge that God is the source of all truth. All students are encouraged to develop in their understanding and practice of Biblical faith.

Cedar Tree, an accredited member of the Association of Classical & Christian Schools, seeks to:

  • Teach all subjects as parts of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center.
  • Provide a clear model of the biblical Christian life through our staff and Board.
  • Encourage every student to develop in his relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.
  • Emphasize grammar, logic, and rhetoric in all subjects. (Grammar is to be understood as the fundamental rules and data of each subject. Logic is to be understood as the ordered relationship of particulars in each subject. Rhetoric is to be understood as the means by which the grammar and logic of each subject may be expressed clearly.)
  • Encourage every student to develop a love for learning and to achieve their academic potential.
  • Provide an orderly atmosphere conducive to the attainment of the above goals.
  • Provide an education to applicants regardless of their race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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