I love when we are having morning devotions and one of the children will say, “Wait!” and they’ll get up & go find their school folders (current or past) and pull out a hymn, Scripture, or poem that directly relates to what we were talking about. I love it when the “tie ins” come together.Cedar Tree parent

My daughter attended this school from K-12. She graduated and went on to be offered a full ride at UW and a 3/4 scholarship at the private Christian Honors College that she chose. My son is a sophomore here as well. While at Cedar Tree both of my children have been able to participate in our local 4A public school for sports. So, they get the best of both worlds: High academics and competitive sports.Cedar Tree Parent

Our family came into this school later in my children’s education. My daughter was going into 9th and my son into 8th. I never thought we would be able to be a part of something so wonderful! The families at this school welcomed us with open arms and hearts. The teachers are first class. They guided my children and cultivating their minds and hearts to prepare them for the future. College is encouraged from day one. Kids are taught manners, forgiveness, grace, and accountability. I could go on and on, but really you have to see it for yourself.Cedar Tree Parent

I applaud the thoughtfully developed goals of Cedar Tree Classical Christian School. Cedar Tree’s focus on helping students see Christ-centered truth in every discipline is bound to equip them to make a positive impact on the world we live in.Joel Belz, Founder and Publisher of World magazine

This is a great school for those who want to see their children grow in mind and spirit.  My daughters have both shown a wonderful growth in academic understanding, depth of Christian faith, and ability to relate to other people.  If you want an education for the whole person among a caring community that loves God, loves kids and loves learning, this is the place to look.Cedar Tree Parent

Classical Christian schools are essential to helping our children understand the vast scope of Christ’s claim of truth. As they provide students with a solid education, these schools are equipping the next generation to bring a Christian worldview to bear on every part of our society.Chuck Colson, Founder of Prison Fellowship